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BMus, MMus, MBA, PhD
is a cultural consultant, curriculum developer, and music educator based in Winnipeg, Canada. His research interests include cultural enterprise education, arts education policy development, curriculum analysis, and the group dynamics of musical ensembles, particularly small choirs.

   His doctoral dissertation is entitled, "Music Business Education in Canada: a census and developmental template." Dr. Guise has presented over 30 invited papers and workshops in Canada, Iceland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States, has published 24 CD reviews in Canadian Folk Music [CFM] / CFM Bulletin, has written monthly columns for the True North Brass and in the Ontario DX Association magazine Listening In, and has recorded and edited compact discs for numerous clients. He is also an award winning photographer and avid (obsessive?) cyclist.


Bibliography & Research Methods - Choral Conducting - Choral Methods - Contemporary Aural Skills - Fundamentals of Music Education - History of Baroque and Early Classical Music - History of Late Classical and Romantic Music - Human Musical Learning and Development - Music as Business: Principles and Practices - Music of the Twentieth Century I/II - Performance Media: Voice - Rudiments of Music - Research Methods - Rudiments of Music Theory and Aural Skills - Sociology of Music



Chinook's Edge School Association Honour Choir (Red Deer, AB) - Chorale La Rose des Vents (St. John’s, NL) - Karlakórinn Hreimur (Húsavík, Iceland) - Red Deer College [RDC] Concert Choir - RDC Keyboard/Chamber Music ensembles - RDC Studio Choir - Shawnee Choral Society (Topeka, KS) - [UAlberta] Chorale St. Jean - UAlberta Concert Choir - UAlberta Graduate Recital Choir - University of Kansas [KU] Concert Choir - KU Men's Glee Club



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  • (1994). Embers [Electroacoustic composition on CD]. Kingston, ON, Canada: Queen’s University Arts and Science Undergraduate Review.
  • Fearful Symmetry. Original acoustic and electroacoustic music for the feature length dramatic work, commissioned by Threshold Theatre, Kingston, ON, Canada. Debuted Spring 1994.

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