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For all courses, please contact me directly to schedule a custom session for your group of 12+ people.

BUILDING A CAREER in ARTS & CULTURE (1/2 day to 5 days)

Designed for artists, musicians, writers, actors, dancers, and anyone else looking to make a living in the cultural sector, this course helps you build a business plan that you can literally take to the bank. Contents include:

Career options & lifestyle implications - The economics of culture - Hard skills (Finance, Budgeting, Accounting, Taxes) - Soft skills (Contracts, Copyright/IP, Marketing, Negotiation) - Long-term planning (Market Research, Strategic Planning)

"The most useful course I have taken in my university career, and it was fun to boot!"
“I feel like I have a new collection of tools to take with me throughout my career...”
"Every music student should take this course. The information is invaluable!"
"...the single most important course for my future career."

NEGOTIATION (60 minutes to all-day)

Negotiation is a skill that we all use on a daily basis – why not learn to do it well? Discover the principles and language of negotiation and explore how these apply in your life. Each of these six workshops will help you prepare for your own negotiations, be they contract discussions, written funding applications, organizational planning meetings, or day-to-day management. Available as single sessions or in half-day or full-day bundles.

Negotiation - an Introduction
The Language of Negotiation
Non-verbal Aspects of Negotiation
Negotiation for Job Seekers
Negotiation for Job Providers
Negotiation and Organizational Renewal

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